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Everything You Need to Know about Nextel

Nextel is a Service Provider with a difference, delivering dynamic solutions with the necessary expertise and quality of service you deserve and expect from a managed service provider.

This is not just a story of products, or strategies, but a story of friendship, and the determination to deliver the most incredible customer service for a broad range of managed services.

From its humble beginnings, friends Philip Dias and Nelson Alves, had a dream of building a company free of the traditional corporate boundaries, that would delight their clients with excellent customer service and a range of amazing, cost-effective products.

Their vision was also to grow and nurture their employees to help them create this culture within their company. There is no excuse for mediocracy – Nextel is not driven by profit, but rather by exceeding client expectations and going the extra mile.

While they each followed different academic paths, they shared a common passion for technology and this inspiring urge to solving complex technological problems. After embarking on their respective careers, they maintained a close relationship, and began tinkering with technologies and creating solutions that was previously only accessible to enterprises and “big budgets”.

Nextel started life in Nelson’s home and eventually grew to take up most of the house as more clients (and employees) were drawn to Nextel’s unique model and dedication to client service.

Nextel initially started life by offering, ADSL connectivity, bulk text messaging, voice services, and general computer support. It was later joined by Mogamat Nassiep in 2016 who helped formalise the technical structures and with his 20 years of enterprise level expertise, Nextel further expanded to incorporate endpoint and server security, fibre and wireless connectivity then topped this all off with cloud-based services, software and application development.

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I want to commend Nextel on the high level of service I have received. The service and professionalism delivered is exceptional! It is so rare these days to find a company that has people who have continuous service-delivery not only among their technical aspect but also with the manner in which their staff deal with people and I can highly recommend your company!

W. Sher

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