Backup everything everywhere.

Your business needs to keep its critical data backed up, safe, encrypted and ensure it is easy to restore. Limit your exposure to failure by leveraging always-available, geo-redundant cloud backup technologies.

We are very cognisant of our clients’ needs and ensure we achieve all of the following targets with every deployment.

1. Easy scaling for easy growth

Data generation has exploded, storage requirements are growing every day, and ever-more mobile devices need coverage. Nextel will scale your services according to your needs by accommodating computing devices from all major platforms, offering protection no matter what devices your employees use.

2. Business continuity

We ensure your business is always available and never inconvenienced for more than a few minutes by some form of data loss. Speedy disaster recoveries that take minutes, not hours, are the key to remaining operational 24/7/365.

3. Security

All data transfers are encrypted with enterprise-grade cryptography and access controls. Active Protection can even defend your data against ransomware.

4. Cost savings

A simplified licensing solution means lower upfront investment and complete transparency of costs. This, coupled with no on-premises hardware requirement, further adds to increased savings and no capex spend.

5. Compliance

GDPR compliance is entrenched in all our backup solutions, ensuring businesses remain compliant the new data protection guidelines that came into effect in 2018.

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