Structured Cabling

Cabling is the nervous system that runs throughout your building and offices to deliver your data, voice, security, and many other internet and computer network services. It includes everything from wall points, to the wiring, ports, and connectivity hardware. The importance of structured cabling has increased and so has the need for expert technicians.

Our technicians have advanced knowledge of wiring and cabling infrastructures. From telephone services to transmitting data for your computer network, we take pride in our neat, organized, and timely installations.

Network Operations Centre

Dedicated monitoring of your mission critical servers, internet lines, backups and server room environment 24/7/365. Preventing issues before they occur.

Network Support

Our qualified technical team manages and executes the design, implementation and support of your network environment. Your business is dependent on your network and your resources being available at all times. Remote connectivity and support allows us to diagnose and potentially repair a fault without timely delays.

Support service include:

• Full-service support desk

• Remote monitoring and support

• Redundancy and emergency contingency planning

• Server Maintenance and Support

• IT Infrastructure Management

• Permanent and temporary on-site IT support engineers

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